Relocating And I Need To Sell My House In Seattle

selling my Seattle house relocationRelocation is an intricate exercise in management. We get local Seattle home sellers calling us or  providing their house info on this website every week saying “I’m relocating and need to sell my house in Seattle“.  We pride ourselves on being able to help a good many of those sellers sell their house quickly, as we’re actively buying houses in Seattle Washington right now!

There’s a ridiculous amount of planning to keep track of and a lot of stress around whatever motives caused you to move to begin with – often it’s a new job or a sick relative, but the exact need to move often comes with a dramatic adjustment.

So how do You make the most out of a challenging situation?

Stop Agonizing – Rather Organize.

Ending up paying the ‘carry’ costs to maintain a vacant house for a couple years isn’t a favorable situation, becomes costly, and adds to the burden. It doesn’t have to happen in this way.

While the market is moderately stable right now in Seattle, things often change almost overnight. How many horror stories have we heard over the past twenty years? Unless you’re filthy rich, you probably can’t afford the extra time and expense.

So how do you make the correct choices when you’re relocating and need to sell your Seattle Washington house fast?

Relocating And Need To Sell My House Fast In Seattle… Your Process and Next Steps


  1. Find out what your house is worth: To do this you can contact a reliable real estate agent or get in touch with us and we can give you a no cost no obligation valuation on your property.  Once you know what the house may be able to sell for in the current market… that determines how long you may be able / willing to sell the house.
  2. Decide how fast you need to sell your house after you relocate: This is important. I’ve seen professionals who moved out of state for a job who had their house on the market for over a year before selling it for a far lower price than they anticipated. Decide how fast you need to sell your house… and how long you’re willing to pay on 2 mortgages, insurance payments, etc.
  3. Find a solid real estate agent PRIOR TO packing boxes: Get the process started early so you don’t waste any time. Each month that you wait or every month that it takes to sell the house takes cash out of your pocket.  Let’s say that you don’t want to use a real estate agent to sell… we are a upright local house buyers and we’d love to make you a fast-fair all cash offer. Just fill out the form through this link to get the ball rollin’>>
  4. Calculate the value of selling your house fast vs. “waiting it out” for a fantasy price: Everyone wants to sell their homes for top dollar. But something many people don’t think to do is come up with the $ amount of how much it costs you to hold onto/carry this house.  The costs involved contain the mortgage (which if you’re still within the first 10 years of the mortgage, the majority of your payment interest and not barely going to principal at all), insurance, taxes, maintenance, etc. What if you want to sell your house for $200,000… and your mortgage payment is $1,200/mo, taxes $200/mo, $100/mo for insurance, and $100/mo for maintenance (lawn maintenance, repairs while you’re gone, etc.).Those expenses add up to $1,600/mo in “non equity building” payments. If it takes you 7 months to sell that house through a real estate agent for that $200,000… it cost you $11,200 in DIRECT “carrying/holding costs” + you had to pay $12,000 in real estate agent fees (supposing 3% for the buyers agent and 3% for the sellers agent).Totaling $23,200 in LOST money.  That doesn’t even factor in the value of your time, stress in thinking about that property stuck on the market, the opportunity cost of what you could have been doing with that extra money during those 7 months, etc. So the true cost to you was likely closer to $30,000. But, what if you were to sell your house next week and sidestep all of that? Even if you sold for a discount below the retail price (lets say… $175,000)… you’re still ahead of the game by selling the house NOW at a discount to a home buyer like our company vs. 7 months later at full price (and paying holding costs and real estate agent fees). Does that make sense?
  5. Take action!: Whatever you choose… commit and take action.  If you want to go the Realtor or real estate agent route, great! Find a good local Seattle Washington agent.  If you’d rather not have to wait and not have to pay real estate agent commissions… then a practical option may be to sell your house to us 🙂

If you have a great property and time on your side, you may desire to test the market by offering it out at top dollar. Love at first site does happen and people do crazy things for love – even overpay.

In reality, most properties are pretty run-of-the-mill. In the same way that people who live near each other tend to have a lot in common, so houses tend to share similarities as well. And unless your property is truly brilliant, as in decked out magazine-quality, it will likely sit on the market at a price no one is willing to pay.

Of course, marketing your property for rent and sale at the same time, just to see what happens first could work… Managing closely the process is critical, which tends to confuse even seasoned real estate brokerages.

Many times, we may partner with property owners to help nail down lease option agreements where highly qualified purchasers rent the property for an agreed time then buy.

At others, we may help renegotiate a loan, assist with the monthly payments or organize a short sale with a bank.

Helping people solve their problems is what we love to do.

Check out our creative solutions so that you can bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Who Is SellaHouseWashington And How Can We Help You If You’re Relocating And Need To Sell In Seattle?

We’re investors. We support our families and make our neighborhoods shine again by buying houses from Seattle home owners who need to sell fast for a whole range of reasons.

Sellers who tend to work with us include people who…

  • Need to sell fast (we can close in as little as 7 days if you need us to)
  • Don’t desire to trouble with listing a property with an agent
  • Don’t want to pay real estate agent fees
  • Can’t sell their house for one reason or another (we buy houses in as-is condition)
  • … or an assortment of other reasons

But we’re enthusiastic people, and we believe in the Seattle community.

We’re truthful and straightforward.

We’ll quote you a fair price, and we can close fast with cash.

If you’re equipped to wait and can hire professionals to help, you can administer the sale of your property from afar. In certain circumstances, with risk, this could pay off.

We’re delighted to help you find answers to your toughest questions about your Seattle real estate, so please get in touch with us at (206) 372-9010 and chat with us anytime.

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