What To Spend Money On When Selling Your House in Seattle

Thinking seriously to sell your house in Seattle? There are a good many things that can take a lot of your cash but are simply not worth the investment, yet there are things that do stack up and will add value. Curious as to what those things are when selling your house in Seattle and how to pay less for more? Read our latest post about how to reduce your costs by spending money to your greatest advantage.

The decision to sell your Seattle house will provide you with a wide array of options. Selling your property to a company such as SellaHouseWashington could be one and choosing to put it on the market is another. The first option requires the least amount of hassle, expense and stress with little time and potentially zero dollars out of pocket. The second gets costlier – listing gets pretty expensive initially to meet the value demands of the market by paying for the improvements. Look further as we help you decide best how to list your Seattle house:

Curb Appeal

First impressions are key in Real estate and buyers will decide at first sight in seconds if they will buy a house or walk away. This happens in an unconscious way making it imperative to impart a strong emotional connection and feeling of warmth that causes them to feel at home from the moment they pull up. The front door, mail box condition, address numbers and overall aesthetic of the home may require some sprucing. Lawn and landscape also speak to quality and draw buyers into the home.

Good Interior Fixtures

You may be surprised to learn that things like door handles, faucets, drawer pulls and cupboard hinges all make an impression and add value to your house. Budgeting for new fixtures then is important – there are often more than one thinks.

Clearly Defined Spaces

A mistake in the layout of many homes is that folks will try to turn a spare bedroom into a gym space, office, art studio, etc., which can cause the buyer to feel confusion. If you are using the space as an office then remove the bed in order to remove the subconscious confusion experienced by the buyers.

Presentable Entryway

As potential buyers walk in the door, they should get a good first impression and sprucing up the entryway is a good value add to make people picture themselves in the home. Side tables, new art and other décor such as fresh flowers are a good idea.

New Carpets

Bad carpet is a huge turnoff for homebuyers. Stains and wear can be extremely offputting when someone is considering the home for themselves. Adding new carpet throughout the house will refresh the entire space, making the area look new.


Painting is the first thing many people do when putting their house on the market. While you can possibly do this one on your own, it doesn’t mean you should. A poor paint job will be very noticeable to buyers looking at your house. Spend the money to hire a professional to do the interior of your home. Be sure to budget a few thousand for this depending on the size of your Seattle house, and be sure to keep the colors neutral. Don’t try to spot paint over damaged areas. It will be noticeable to buyers and the home inspector, leading them to wonder what else you are hiding.

Staging & Storage

It is highly recommended to hire a professional staging company while the house is on the market. This will allow you to pack up your personal items and store them at an offsite facility. Keep only your necessities at the house, allowing the rest of it to be taken care of by a professional. If it’s not in your budget to do the whole house, focus on having a few of the main rooms done. You will still want to remove your personal items during property showings. By storing them offsite, potential buyers won’t be faced with all your stuff you tried to hide in the closet!

Before you spend money making repairs to the house and doing some of these things to spruce it up, consider what selling directly could mean for your situation! With a direct sale, there is zero cost to you! Plus, there aren’t any agent commissions!

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